Thursday, March 29, 2007

Surf Camp

Emma went to Surf Camp last summer in North Carolina, and they took some awesome pictures of her. I'd been meaning to post 'em. Enjoy.
They just really captured her personality amazingly well. Those smiles are WONDERFUL. The one in the hat was my wallpaper on my work monitors for the longest time. That one sums that kid up more than any pic I've ever seen.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Well, after intense, and sometimes acrimonious negotiations, the boss finally agreed to some belly shots. Needless to say, she wanted them to be "respectable". I was hoping for something a bit more "trailer". Clearly, she's a better negotiator than I am as you can see below:

Wardrobe change.

Kasi got in on the action, giving us an idea of what it'll be like when she's preggers . . .

Finally, from her favorite perch, Olive was kind enough to pose:

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Furni / Doggie Love / Wright State?

Well, I'm sitting here watching my alma mater on TV tonight. Wright State's up by two on Butler at halftime. I'm in shock. Could my beloved Raiders make it to the dance for the second time ever? Time will tell.

The first big piece of furniture for Colin's room arrived this past Friday. Kasi drove all over town to find this rocker, and when she finally brought it home she was happier than I've ever seen a fully grown human. It is a flat-out killer rocker, tho . . .
It's going to go perfectly with the rest of the OSU gear we've got, and are planning to get. Here are a couple with the boss in her chair. These qualify as belly shots, from what she's telling me. The belly shots have to be "respectable". Clearly she just doesnt' get it . . .

Many thanks to June, Judy, George, Yonk and Kasi for this - we really love it!

Here are a few gratuitous shots of the dogs. I just got a new digital camera in anticipation of the boy's arrival.


Holy Crap. Wright State 60, Butler 55. Wright Freakin' State is going back to the dance. Awesome game. Dashaun Wood is the man. Hopefully, they won't be crushed in the first round like they were back in '92 . . . "Dollar" Bill Edwards, anyone? (cue sounds of crickets . . .)

Consider me on the bandwagon.