Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Two posts - IN ONE DAY

So, yeah - two posts in one evening. Don't know what's gotten into us around here at Enjoy it while it lasts, I reckon.

Anyway, one of Colin's favorite activities is to take my cd collection and strew it across the family room. Granted, my beloved cds are easy prey - they're in a cabinet that's all at eye level for him, they've got pretty (and not so pretty) pictures all over them, and they make a lot of noise. Following the production documented below, we removed all the cds to a closet (and Mary Ann danced a little happy jig inside for no longer having to have my horrible musical taste on display in HER family room.)
"And this should be on the floor, and THIS should be on the floor, and this . . ."
OOOOH, Slayer!
"Dead Kennedys? FLOOR!"
Even got some post destruction video to share. Not terribly exciting, granted, but it helps complete the picture.

And then, part two, in which mommy's had enough of our monkey asses:

There you have it - TWO posts in one day. AND the Reds managed to hang 9 (NINE) on the Pirates as well. My work here is done.
Stay classy.

Colin Goes to the Photographer

This past weekend, Memorial Day weekend, instead of watching the Indy 500, we took Colin to the photography studio for the first time.

Some of the pictures were amazing. Some, not so much. Regardless, what I love about the digital age is that we were able to choose the best of the lot and then have them printed right on the spot. ("The digital age." Jeebus. I sound like some kind of old fogey. Oh, wait . . . )

What follows @ flickr is the entire shoot, warts and all. He was understandably scared at first - not quite knowing what to make of all the lights and Daddy FREAKING OUT trying to make him laugh.

Click on the picture below to be taken to the flickr slide show:

One more post to come . . . shortly.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS - for the non-Warbels that might wonder about the pictures of the boy sans shirt whilst wearing britches - it's an 'homage to a picture of Mary Ann's father and several of his brothers taken when they were very small, all wearing britches, sans shirt.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My congressman,

the House Minority Leader, aside from being a huge, crying assbag, is also a huge hypocrite. In a recent appearance denouncing Democrats for hating freedom, he had the nerve to NOT WEAR A FLAG PIN ON HIS LAPEL. So does this mean he hates freedom, hates the troops, or is it a sign that the terrorists have won? Perhaps all three? Douchebag.

Oh well, on to the cuteness. Jr has some kind of epizudec this week that caused him to break out on his hands, feet and bum. Given the troubles that ensued the last time he got sick, we called in the cavalry. He's always happy when the grandparents come in. Here he is playin' some baseball:
I got him a few t-shirts this past week. Sadly, they're all huge on him. Here he is with his Clash shirt. Descendents and Minutemen were included, but not shown. Clearly, he's thrilled to be flyin' the punker flag.
Cavorting on the couch with Baba:
"Who, moi?":
"Seriously, you don't mean me?"
I don't know how to describe the girations he goes through when he's feelin' goofy. It's hilarious.
Mommy got him this button down. She loves it. He's on the fence.
No, we won't get that hair cut. It's gonna be Mullet City, baby.
Love this shot:
So last Saturday he decided to go into a little soliloquy by the stairs. Got some video below.
"Alas, poor Yorick"
"And with that, I'm done . . ."
"Wait, I've got SOMETHING ELSE TO SAY!!!"
On to this week's videos. First up, he gets all chatty in the high chair, sorta:

This isn't all of it, but some of the stair talk:

Goofin' on the couch:

Goofin' with Baba and Dido:

And finally, the joy of discovering a new toy - the vacuum cleaner cord:

So there you have it. Three weeks, three posts. I'm exhausted. See you some time in July or August.
I keeed. We'll be back next week. Thanks for stopping by. You stay classy.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Well look at that - it only took a week

Can you believe it? It's only been a week since the last post. Perhaps things are settling back to some semblance of normalcy? I'm not holdin' my breath, but it would be nice.

Headed down to AL to visit Emma last weekend here's a few shots. Love the way Colin's eyeballin' Emma. He LOVES her:
More of sissy and bro:
It was hot that day in Trenton, and the events were outside for most of the day. There was one building that was air conditioned, so after most of the morning, Colin and the other babies in the brood spent their time inside. There were four rugrats crawling about at one point. Here's Colin with one of the ladies.
You can't tell from these shots, but the ladies were all over him. He's a real babe magnet.
On our way home, Mommy decided to give Jr one of those fruit-filled granola bars. By himself. THE WHOLE THING. I was a bit late to the party with the camera, but dude was COVERED in raspberry 'fruit' and granola and other yeeeccchhhh stuff. Was awful.
You can sorta see it there on his outstretched arm. Was EVERYWHERE. As an (obvious) aside, can you guess who was getting chewed out for "TAKING PICTURES WHILE I'M TRYING TO CLEAN UP THIS MESS?!?!??!?!?!"?
He thought it was funny too, so pppphhhhhppppttttt.
Well, after Mommy got done with the wipes, that is.
So Jr. crapped out about midnight Saturday night, and we'd only made it to the TN / KY border. We had to find a hotel and stay the night. Mother's Day was spent in the car. Joy and rapture. We stopped off for lunch, and Jr. got his first sucker.
Why he's wearing that bib on Mother's Day eludes me.
Mmmmm nummy sucker.
So there you go. A week(end) in the life of Colin. I do have one video to post. As you might remember from last week's episode, he's eeking ever closer to walking. In tonight's video, you can see the progression here where he stands independently for a moment or two:

That's all for now. Hopefully I'll be back within a week's time.
I'll leave you with a discussion topic. Mary Ann contends that Anchorman is Will Ferrell's worst movie. I think it's his best (Old School doesn't count - he was in it, but it's not a Will Ferrell movie). Thoughts?
One other thing - I promised pix of Mary Ann's Mother's Day gift, but I've gotten no pix of it. Go to and you can see 'em for yourself. Go Bucks, thanks for stopping by, and you stay classy . . .