Friday, January 19, 2007


I know it's not very exciting, but here are some shots of the clothes we've collected for the boy thus far.

Up first, a Columbus Blue Jackets jersey, given to me by a co-worker, Matt Eichman. He bought it for his nephews, but got it a few sizes too small.
He knew I'd be sure to have my young'un wear it.

Next up, a onesie I just HAD to have. Emma and I found it at Hot Topic on MLK day. Sums it up just perfectly.

Next, the first of the burgeoning collection of Ohio State stuff. Love it!

Finally, a collection of OSU stuff we've gotten from Jon and Donna Freyvogel (onesie and bibs), Deke and Brad (Teddy bear), Tonya (the first OSU booties!), and a Brutus Emma won for the boy.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Well, we went to the doctor today.

For THE sonigram.

It's official: Colin Nicholas Ferrigan.

Due: June 2, 2007


The circled part of the section is, well, you know . . . the, ahem, proof.

Anyways, don't know how much posting will be done between now and early June . . . we're still waiting for the boy to go into the growth spurt, followed by mom's impending growth. Baby shower pix, perhaps some dogblogging . . . Olive still think's she's queen of the castle . . .oh how that's going to change . . . maybe some hockey blogging, the Canes are currently second in the Southeast, and sixth for a playoff spot.

Here are a few more pix from today to tide y'all over.

Mary says I have to explain this last one . . .it DOES say "FOOT" right there on the image, BUT, in case you're still not sure, it is, in fact, Colin's foot.

In any event, thanks for stopping by . . .more to come


It occurred to me that some folks might be wondering about the origins of the names.

Colin - we figured we had to have a good Irish name, and Mary overruled my preferences, Seamus or Angus.

Nicholas is to honor Mary's uncle, Nick Kochan, who passed just before Thanksgiving last year. A finer polka dancer you'll never find, and a truly wonderful man. Let's hope some of him rubs off on Colin.