Friday, September 28, 2007

Late Friday Sleepblogging / Random11 & foodies

Holy crow, this USF / WVU tilt is turning into something incredibly entertaining. WVU picking up two(!) 4th and +10's? Crazy.

Anywho - I know it's late, and there's been nothing this week. It's not entirely my fault - I picked up "The Stand" last weekend, and have been engrossed in it every night this week. So, light posting is technically Stephen King's fault. DAMN YOU, STEVEN KING!!!!!

It's still technically Friday, so here you have

As I mentioned a few posts back, Jr's begun eating solid food occasionally. I think he mostly likes spitting it out and watching us make goofy faces at him in an effort to try and get him open his mouth to eat. Either way, it's great fun.
I shudder to think about the grocery bills when this boy starts playing the foosball.
Grandpa Ferrigan and Grandma Sammie are here in town, and tomorrow's the Paella party, so should have something up late Sunday on that. OSU @ Minnesota tomorrow night, thinking that should be an easy one. Finally, NHL season opens up tomorrow - Kings / Ducks live from London. Same thing Sunday. Too much goin' on!
Lastly, Mary's favorite: Friday Random 11:
  1. "The Outsider" - A Perfect Circle
  2. "Down In The Park" - Gary Numan
  3. "Here Comes The Sun" - Richie Havens
  4. "Silly Girl" - Descendents
  5. "Floating Boy [Demo Version]" - Fugazi
  6. "The Thin Line Between Love and Hate" - Iron Maiden
  7. "Bad Mood" - Helmet
  8. "No Mercy" - The Tubes
  9. "I Want You" - Bob Dylan
  10. "Trompe le Monde" - Pixies
  11. "Pants" - Dave Brockie Experience

Very interesting. Just all over the place this week.

Oh well . . . seeyouse!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Sleepblogging, Teh Dogs, Random 11, other junk

Holy Crow, I lied.

I actually snapped a few shots of Jr. sleeping last night, so we actually do have


Even got a few shots of the dogs lounging.
In case you can't tell, Olive is the queen bee.
These next two shots are the flag that Mary got for me for our fifth anniversary, which is today. How freakin' cool is that thing? It's 11' tall, AND I get to keep my beloved Hurricanes flag up at the same time, so double nerts to me. As they say, my biznich is the shizznich.
I also got a few cool t-shirts, so I'm psyched. Mary got a new iPod nano, and some pearls. Tomorrow night, it's off to the Precinct. Hooray.
Finally, here's this week's Random 11.
  1. "Lebanese Blonde" - Thievery Corporation
  2. "No More" - Jones Very
  3. "The Bird" - Morris Day and the Mother###### TIME
  4. "It's Your Life" - Loverboy
  5. "Pet Sounds" - Beach Boys
  6. "The Ides of March" - Iron Maiden
  7. "I've Gotta Be Me" - Iggy Pop
  8. "Little Dolls" - Ozzy
  9. "Swingset" - Fugazi
  10. "TV Casualty" - Misfits
  11. "Enjoy" - Descendents

Don't really know what to say 'bout that grouping.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Christ, A&M sucks.

3:00 left in the third, and they're losing to Miami 24-0. And THIS is supposed to be the #20 team in the country?

The fact that UC is not ranked is a flat-out travesty.

Dog pix and solid food pix coming on the morrow . . .

Pre-Friday Notsleepblogging, Birthversiary, etc etc

Well, nearly another week, and no pictures of Jr. sleeping. We really are falling down on the job, and nearly driving traffic away, aren't we? At least we have a good excuse this time. The galloping epizudic crept through our house, Mary had it for a while, I've had it nearly every night this week, and it seems that Colin has a little bout of it as well, sadly.

In the biggest news of the week, we've begun preliminary experiments with solid food on Mr. Man, and he's enjoyed it. Got it almost right out of the chute. The only downside is that the batteries on the 'ol camera were shot, so I have no pix to pass along. I'm sure I'll get some in the next couple of days - mostly just his smiling mein covered with rice meal - but fun nonetheless.

In the meantime, here are a couple of shots that he'll be angry at me about a few years down the line, but are cute as hell:
His future girlfriends / wife will think they're adorable, won't they?
Here he is in Teh Cow after the above bath.
After he got out, Mommy dressed him up in his Reds duds (and given where they are in the fixtures, and the fact that Griffey's out for the remainder of the season, we can start that standard line of Cincinnati reasoning, "Wait 'til next year."). We set him up in front of the Miami (FL.) / Texas A&M tilt, and he was enjoying it.
So, I will try to get something up tomorrow for Random 11 / sleepblogging, but no promises. After all, tomorrow is our fifth Birthversiary. That's right, Mary's put up with me in a Church/State sanctioned union for five years tomorrow. Hard to believe it. And, Mary will be celebrating another 29th birthday. I got her some killer presents, so she'll be happy.
'til later . . . Seeyouse!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday NotSleepblogging

Once again, another week has come and gone, and I've not taken a picture of the boy sleeping. So we're

this week. Oh well . . .
In other news, a certain cousin prodded me to get to posting, since it'd been a while. Colin wanted to pass this along to her:
Sorry for the week off! Been busy with lots of stuff . . .

In the first to shots below, we're trying to capture Colin's new favorite game - not tossing him up in the air, but holding him high up - he giggles and coos a lot when we do it.

Also, that certain cousin was the one that got us this mackdaddy stroller, the Bad-Ass Mother 2000. While we were out running errands today, we got a lot of complements about it. It's a football Saturday, gotta represent.
Of course, Mommy has to buckle Jr in to the Bad Ass Mother 2000 to the point of constriction. For pictures. "Safety First!"
Finally, here's Mommy's favorite feature: Random 11!!!!!

  1. "The Times You've Come" - Jackson Browne
  2. "Something About You" - Level 42
  3. "Uncle Sam" - Madness
  4. "Remain In Memory" - Articles of Faith
  5. "Something For Sellers" - Henry Mancini
  6. "Touch Me With Your Love" - Beth Orton
  7. "Mother's Milk" - Swans
  8. "Mad Axe Attack" - Laaz Rockit
  9. "Komakino" - Joy Division
  10. "Shoulda" - Hinder
  11. "Come On, Pt. 3" - Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble

Wow, that's an odd grouping. Oh well . . . hopefully more posting this week coming up. Drop us a line and whatnot.

GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Saturday Sleepblogging / 3 Months Old Today

Well, it's Friday Saturday, and you know what that means:


Since we were a day late, I'll offer up

TEH BONUS SLEEPBLOGGING!!!!!!!! Can I even begin to tell you how much I love that onesie? Corrupting the young 'un this early is just phenominal. Daddy's so proud! UP THE IRONS!!!!!

Also, Colin is three months to the day today. We watched the Buckeyes game while new carpet was installed in Colin's room, and busted out the camera and went a little nuts. (OSU, 2-0 . . . but it looks like it's going to be a long season.)

In case you can't tell, he's holding a football there, in these next two shots. Pads are due in next week . . . Sorry, no Random 11 this week . . . should be back next week. 'til then, seeyouse!!!!!