Thursday, June 28, 2007

First Doctor's Visit

Colin had his first post-delivery doctor's visit today. All's going well. He now weighs 10lbs 12oz. He's grown an inch to be a whopping 22" tall (long?).

Dr. Staley said that he looks great, and is quite the precocious little gentleman. He predicted that the boy would be walking quite early, based on how advanced he is at present.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007


It's the first ever " coloring contest!"
Anyone who wants to print the above image, have someone color it, and send it to the address below, will be eligible to win "John Mayall: Room To Move", a double CD release from back in the '60's!

Send entries to:
"Colin Ferrigan Palooza Coloring Contest Part Einz
6866 Netherland Drive
Liberty Township, OH

Best Freakin Friends

Mary took a few really good shots of Jr. in the Boppy, with Olive. Olive LOVES Colin. LOVES HIM. I can't put into words how beside herself she gets when she's near him. This first one is my favorite. "My Favorite Babies Sleeping". Emma's too old to be a baby,and let's face it- she never sleeps (at least for me!). So . . .hence the title. Now, if could get a shot of Emma holding Colin, with Olive sleeping on top of the two of them, well, I'd post it. 'til then, I've got these:

Gimme Gimme Gimme

There are SO many different ways I could have gone with this one. "Thirsty and Miserable". "Six Pack", "Rise Above", "TV Party". Somehow, given where we are in the present state of affairs, "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme" seemed most apropos.

For those not in the know, Black Flag is an '80's Punk band from Los Angeles. Many of us children of that decade were fans. Nothing to be alarmed about, honest.

GATOR FANS! Rest assured, the face you see in these pictures fits the Black Flag songs "Revenge" and "You Bet That I've Got Something Personal Against YOU".

18 years nigh, someone from the great state of Ohio named Colin is gonna utter the w0rds "Whaddathey know about party'in or ANYTHING ELSE?!?", and simply unload on some poor kid holding a football, wearin' a Gators uniform. The game will be decided, and the Buckeyes will have their revenge. Count on it.

My Peeps

Most of the folks came on over Sunday for Teh Boy's first gettogether. Here are a few shots. This first one has Aunt Mollie, right after sharting. More importantly, Ms. Ruby, Paul's daughter, is there on the right. She is The Cutest Kid on The Planet, 2007. She REALLY liked the dogs.
Unca Jason: "Excuse me, I have to fix my face."
Nic, Stacey and Drake. Apparently, if you were born after 1975, posing is a very, VERY important thing for you. If you were born after 1975 AND you're from Trinidad, well, they'll KILL YOU FOR NOT POSING for a picture. Or something . .. . See what I mean? Honestly. Trinidad must be some kind of terrorist cabal or something. Anyway, I need to replace that shed, directly behind Ms. Stacey (and her mad pose).

M. U. Y. F. A.

Any true metal fans will either be thinking of "Metal Gods" by Priest, or "Gloves of Metal" by Manowar after seeing these shots.

Halford comments need not be made.

In the shot below, we were playing "(Built To) Resist" by Grip, Inc. as loud as we could on our paltry little stereo. Obviously, the boy busted a move for it.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Afternoon Comin' Down

Nothing better in the world than a Friday afternoon nap . . . in your Anarchy t-shirt.

So, like, when does he stop sleeping so much, and begin tackling drills?

Just askin'

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The prescience of Phil Collins & Teh Hippo




Just like Phil said in that lame 80's song, everything you've read on has been A PACK OF LIES. The management apologizes.

Turns out Teh Froggy is not Teh Froggy AT ALL. In fact, Teh Froggy is TEH ALLIGATOR. Gawd*%&%$***#**##.

Sunamabawchez at Target LIED. TEH FROGGY != TEH ALLIGATOR.

SO, in the previous posts where Herr Colin was presented in "Teh Froggy", he was, in fact, in "Teh Alligator". I think we need to revisit our Middle East policy, and perhaps, begin carpetbombing every Target in existence. Republicans! This is your call to greatness! DEFEND COLINFERRIGAN.BLOGSPOT.COM, by calling that guy that you voted for, and DEMAND WE BEGIN DEFENDING OUR BODILY FLUIDS, by carpetbombing every Target on the planet. I mean, it seems the only rational reaction to this HEINOUS LIE. Surely, Target is harboring WMD's or something?

SO, to review, Teh Froggy != Teh Aligator; Bomb all Targets; BODILY FLUIDS; If every Target is not bombed, the terrorists have won. The management thanks you.

To assuage those of us of weaker constitutions, here are pictures of Herr Colin in what I WAS ASSURED IS "Teh Hippo". This, CLEARLY, is a hippo. Anyone who would argue otherwise either hates America, or is a likely Kucinich voter.

Honestly, it's a Hippo.
Still, a red-blooded, American Hippo.
Even Rush Limbaugh, after a MASSIVE dose of Oxycontin, would clearly see that this is "TEH HIPPO".
Unless you're some kind of Communist / Kucinich voter, CLEARLY, the boy is in some kind of Hippo-Related-Activities Device. Case Closed. Slam Dunk. On to the RIGHTEOUS CARPETBOMBIN' OF Every Target in The World!


So, someone in the picture below deposited a load in their drawers as the shutter closed . . . can you guess which one?

Thank you, "unca Jason" for that awesome Black Flag t-shirt. (He's wearing it on Sunday, for all to see . . . ) The management thought you would like that. Lo and behold, you do:

Friday, June 15, 2007


Here are a bunch of random shots that defy categorization, but are worthy of a post.

Here are Olive and Mary, before Jr.

My Dad took this one right before Mary went in for the C-Section. You'll be glad to notice, Nicole, that my hairdon't is not on display, thanks to on of my many lids.
Mommy likes the popsicles.
Mollie and Paul at Nicholson's.
Mollie and I at her place. (Rockin' the hairdon't).
If only I could find something for Olive to clean with that massive tongue.
Olive, completely disinterested that teh Boy is one week old. C'mon, show a little INTEREST or something.
Jr, right before he took a dump sans diaper to celebrate being one week old.
Nurse, showing us the proper use of the greatest tool man has ever invented, the aspirator, aka, "TEH BOOGER GETTEROUTER".
Mollie and Paul with Jr. in the hospital.
All's I can say is that if I'd have had a marker, DEVO would have been appropriately marked on this bloody spacesuit.


Here are the OSU pictures I took of Jr. The booties were the second gift we got for the boy (Thank you, T). We though they'd be wicked small on him, turns out, they fit almost precisely.

"It was one week ago today . . ."

Well, in about 30 minutes, Jr. will officially be one week old. He's started shaving, and chewing Red Man, and really likes Labatt Blue, just like the old man.

Wait, wait, check all that.

That's for when he turns 21. My, how quickly they grow.

He's really developed an appetite, and gets up around 1AM, 3 AM and 6AM. He's really got a powerful neck, and is curious about everything.

Mom was getting him ready for his official "I'm one week old!" photo, and he managed to poo sans diaper, so he made a bit of a mess.

Here are a couple of shots of him in his boppy. He really likes being there on the coffee table, out where he can see and hear everything. Not so keen on the crib as of yet - far too quiet in there. (That or he's secretly a Michigan fan . . . OH NO . . .)

Monday, June 11, 2007

More visitors

Colin's had a lot of visitors so far, like his cousin Amy:

His aunt Mollie:

The awesome Ms. Stacey (thank you for Mr. Toad's Wild Concussion Machine, Stacey and Eric!):

And cousin Kasi: