Thursday, November 29, 2007

Boomer F'N Sooner / etc

K - we're holding off on pix at the end of the week, because we're narrowing down the final shot for Chistmas cards.

Anyway, lots going on.

1) I just got Jr. his first Slayer, Motorhead and Black Sabbath t-shirts - pictures forthcoming.

2) My Morgantown WVU kindred have already begun talking smack about my beloved Buckeyes. Note to WestBahGahdErs - win the Backyard Brawl first . . . . THEN you try to talk smack. (Either way, a WVU / OSU national title tilt would be worthy of a thorough exploration of how we all get to the Big Easy for a good time . . .dontcha think?)


If Oklahoma wins (or Pitt, for that unlikely matter), OSU is in the National Title. Period. So Sooner Nation, BEAT MIZZOU!!!!!

'sall. Pictures to come . . .

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Overdue For A Post Blogging / sleepblogging, sorta

Another week, another "crimeney, I'm WAY overdue for a post" moment. Despite the fact it was a four day weekend, we ran nonstop, with Emma making a surprise visit. So, without further adieu, Colin says, "quitcherbitchin, pops is gettin' to it when he can!!!!!".

At least that's what that shot there says to me.
First up, a few Jumperoo shots.
He was smiling when I went to shoot this.
Next up, got these wonderful shots on Thanksgiving day. My favorites to date!
As some of y'all may know, we made the sage decision to have our new kitchen / bathroom floors installed the week of Thanksgiving. Awesome move on our part. Sorry to Ben the Installer for all the troubles, but Thank You for the wonderful work. These shots were taken the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. In case it's not clear, the dishwasher, fridge and oven all had to be taken out of the kitchen to do the install.
That's the hall where the fridge stands, and in the background, the oven is in the living room.
This picture of the bathroom is screaming for some kind of crass comment. But I'm not going to make it.
Where the dishwasher and fridge would normally be.
Ben was here 'til 12:30 finishing the grout on Thursday AM. We moved the appliances back into place later that morning, and got to cooking. It all came together, no one went hungry, and it was a splendid Thanksgiving.
Here is Paul's daughter, Ruby, with Olive on Thanksgiving. She really put that whole "My gawd, your dog is a horse!" meme we always hear to the test. It was adorable.
"I love you, doggy."
If it's not obvious, she's seesawing on Olive's back there.
Jr. has begun to sit up in longer stretches these days.
"Hey, look at me! I'm sittin' up!"
Ok, like I said, "started".
And back upright again.
Here he is earlier tonight, with the help of the boppy. He can go for quite a while in that thing.
A bit of sleepblogging thrown in, just for safe measure.
Here's Colin after we gave him is first taste of taters on his first Thanksgiving. Not a fan.
Gotta get the obligatory shot of the lovely table. If I didn't, boss would kill me.
Paul, Ruby, Colin and Mollie on Thanksgiving.
Yonk and June, photographed by Emma.
Colin, June and Emma.
Jr, before taters.

So there you go. Week late, and many dollars short. I'd say I'm gonna work all hard to get to posting more frequently, but let's face it - it's probably not gonna happen. Mary starts a new job a week from today, so that's just going to complicate things. Doing the best I can, tho! More later.
PPS - Thank you, Razorbacks, for beating LSU.
PPPS - RIP, Kevin DuBrow. What is the world coming to when the lead singer of Quiet Riot is dead at 52? It's like the heavy metal lifestyle is dangerous or something. Oh, wait . . .

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cutie Pie and "Let's Get Real Gone"

Ohio State 14 - Meeeechigan 3.

All is right with the world again. Things are as they should be. The air is a little fresher, the beer a little colder. Joy abounds. So glad that Mike Hart and Chad Henne went 0 for 4 against our beloved Buckeyes.

Jim Tressel for emperor.

Got a bit of the sweet and sour this week. Let's start with the sweet.

Took a few good shots this week of Jr. He's really growing fast. When we first got this exersaucer, he was dwarfed by it. Not so much any more.
Sorry, just love these shots where his eyes are half open.
Here's a nice picture of his socks.
Mommy was feeding him here - Daddy doesn't get his face this messy.
And now for the sour.
So, we went to Jon and Donna's for the OSU game yesterday. Thank you, Nic for watching Colin. Excellent time had by all. Greg Ginn, after Black Flag had a project called Gone. They have an album called "Let's Get Real Gone". Sums things up quite nicely.
Here's Kirstin, Mary Ann and Donna.
After the game, the singing began. Not good.
Seriously bad.
Mary had had enough by this point.
That's the "please stop taking my picture" smile.
Jason Leach, lying.
Scoots and Mary.
Cary listening to one of Jason's lies.
Don't you understand how to operate a razor, you bum?
More 'singing'.
A-man walking back to the TV.
Seriously. Dork.
"I like wine. By the gallon."
Jon is a hillbilly.
Jon, Carey, Jason, Me, Anthony.
Jason & Carey.
Donna Jean, disco queen. "I'm in my kitchen. And I like wine."
Like I said, the singing was not good.
So, yeah. Great time had by all. Thank you, Jon & Donna. Countdown to T-Gate '08 is officially under way. We're bringin' 30 people with us next year, T. We're taking over the Holiday Inn. It will be madness.