Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Talkin' On The Telephone"

The kid LOVES cell phones. Active, inactive; fake, real. LOVES 'em. Here he is with Daddy's cheap-o cell phone that's only a phone. (Representin' the t-shirt that tells all . . . )

The boy @ the zoo

Lemur POWER!!!!
He really liked the Manatees
And feeding the exotic birds.
The train was so-so for him. (For Daddy and Mommy: terribly uncomfortable.)
He did enjoy feeding the giraffes:

The boy ENJOYED peas

There was a brief period where the kid enjoyed peas; nay, actively asked to be fed peas. Alas, like many things with children, that period passed. 'twas glorious while it lasted. Thank heavens we documented it:

Colin channels Dave Lombardo / Neil Peart / Gene Krupa

Here's the boy enjoying one of his favorite pastimes, bangin' on them drums:

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Ike

"Scream for me Long Beach!!!"

Here is a bit more of the damage that Ike wrought on us. Video in the previous post.
Yes, that's the top half of our tree, torn asunder:
I'm pretty sure the Democrats are to blame for this, so THAT'S reassuring:
One of the baby squirrels that was discombobulated after the storm:
Damn you, Nancy Pelosi! ! ! !

Part of the reason for the delay

There are a number of reasons for the delay in posting over the last several weeks:

  • Visits from Emma.
  • A wicked beatdown on the Buckeyes by USC.
  • Another Reds losing season.
  • Aunt Mollie's 30th birthday surprise party weekend.
  • The release of another Motorhead album, taking a lot of time.
  • Hockey season being right around the corner - and the Blue Jackets have Mike Commodore this season!
  • Our sixth wedding anniversary and Mary's tenth 29th birthday.

But at the end of the day, the biggest impediment to posting has been Hurricane Ike HITTING OHIO:

The video doesn't quite do it justice; yes, those folks on the Atlantic seaboard have had it worse. Yet, we were without power for a week solid. With the boy. And we lost half of one of our killer giant trees in our back yard. It was hectic to say the least. Anyway, don't miss the post right below this one - good stuff. More to come shortly, honest!!!

Photography from a DIRTY KRAUT

Heavens, it's been way too long.

So long, in fact, that I got a nastygram from SOME DIRTY KRAUT who is an occasional visitor to these haunts. Sheesh.

Here is Colin with his cousins, enjoyin' the WVa sun.

More to come, and sorry for the delay.
PS - We LOVE ya, Amy, and we're pullin' for ya! We know you're way stronger than ANY nonsense that comes your way!