Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Man-we're-really-overdue-for-a-blog-post blogging

My GOODNESS, it's been a long time. Apologies. Between a visit from Grandpa, and general business, it's been a week and a half since we brought the cute. Not much to report other than another Ohio State victory, the purchase of a new toy for Jr (see below), and a newly painted spare bedroom.

He's become quite snuggly lately - here he is snuggling with Aunt Mollie.
And here he is in the Rainforest Jumperoo, aka the Ballcrusher 6000. He LOVES this thing. Will bounce in it uncontrollably, whilst smiling from ear to ear. Naturally, it makes all kinds of noises and lights up so even better. It is making those legs quite strong.
These were supposed to be my Friday sleepblogging pictures, but between cutting the grass and getting the spare room ready for company, I was just not able to get to it.
Cooing for mommy.
Here he is with Grandpa Ferrigan. Grandpa brought up the fruit of his labors, a new hideaway desk that he's been working on in his wood shop for the last several weeks. Mary is working on the staining right now, should have pictures up next week.
Finally, here is Mollie's lovely dog, Wyatt. She went to Nashville to see Paul's band, The Chocolate Horse, play in Nashville, and Mr. Wyatt stayed over with us. He and the girls get along famously.
Tonight is beggar's night (yes, we're giving away whole candy bars), so I should have pix of Colin in his first costume up tomorrow!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wolf Run Weekend

As I mentioned on Friday, we spent the weekend in Wolf Run. Everyone had a grand time.

Here is Baba's barn these days, as seen from Yonk's porch : "West Virginia Cole Slaw indeed!"
Colin loves his grammy Juney - he smiles for her like none.
Granted, tho, Jr loves his mommy as well.....
Here he is with cousin Meghan, sportin' the Scarlet and Grey.
Cousin Mikey is preparing to be a Buckeye speedster . . .
Hold on, Jr, we've got something important for you.
Coach Tress, here's your Middle Linebacker, 2025 - 2029. Perhaps 4 National Titles?
Cousin Mikey passes along the tradition.
Now, the management at is firmly Union, but apparently, cousin Mikey deludes himself with fantasies that the South might rise at some point in the next several years. Clearly, he's sadly mistaken . . . . .
----End the above post for various Ferrigans, and friends of Ferrigan ------
---- Begin the post for the remaining Warbels, Kochans, Spohnhalz's, and various other hunkies, semi-kraut/hunkies, and various former Wolf Run denizens. ---
Colin had his first Sunday at All Saints this morning.
Sadly, the Priest was not in town, so it was a short service this morning. But, he enjoyed the singing and the reading, and he met all the wonderful perishoners, and even gave his opinion on the Creed, considering that he was quiet for the majority of the service. As y'all would expect, everyone was wonderful, and glad to see young Colin. Bob and Tootie Wagoner were SO glad to see him! Here he is in his Sunday finest:
Finally, in order to go to Wolf Run, we had to bring the dogs. Here's Olive from the very back of the Outlander, checking out Herr Colin:

'sall . . .'til next time . . .

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Sleepblogging / Random 11

Short post today, as we're getting ready to take the entire brood (dogs included) over to Steubenville to visit Yonk and June for the weekend.

It's Friday, and you know what that means:

Can't you just feel the sleep ACTION? He's really gotten into doing the 'ol Bronx cheer lately. Does it ALL THE TIME. It's hilarious to hear him doing it when he doesn't know we're around. He finds it terrifically entertaining as well.

Mary requested a good Random 11 this week, so let's see if the magic iPod machine will abide:
  1. "Fear His Name" - Overkill
  2. "Tracks" - Gary Numan
  3. "Crazy Love" - Van Morrison
  4. "Life is Pain" - Leftover Crack
  5. "June 16th" - Minutemen
  6. "Fascist"- Minutemen
  7. "Black Arrows" - Manowar
  8. "The Messenger" - Bathory
  9. "Black Diamond" - The Replacements
  10. "The One to Sing the Blues" - Motorhead
  11. "Dead Schembechlers" - Dead Schembechlers

Apparently not. I'm such a geek. Only one T song, but it's a doozy,that's for sure. As they say, "Hey, Ho, F*** Bo!" Can't believe Meeechigan has skulked back into the top 25. Sad. At least the #1 team in the land is back to being the good guys again. They've got Michigan State tomorrow. Here's hoping we don't see another upset at the top this week.

OK, 'til next time . . . .

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy 89th, Grandma

My Grandmother Ferrigan turned 89 last week. Here's a shot from the celebration:
Left to Right, we have my Cousin Karen, Dad, Grandma, and my Aunt Sherry.

Karen IS a Gator, but we don't hold it against her. She was kind enough not to rub the Basketball title in at all.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday Picture Dump

Not much new or interesting to report. I've been avoiding the computer like the plague since Friday. Just not interested, I guess. Here's a few shots to tide y'all over 'til Friday.

First, a big Bronx Cheer.
Followed immediately by a big smile.
Finally, Colin has a message for Emma:
Enjoy typing class, kiddo!