Saturday, February 23, 2008

A visit to Truvy's place

New coifs abound these days. Here are Emma and Mollie sporting their new looks for the dead of winter (too early for spring yet . . .)
Emma had wanted to wear her Tennessee hoodie for the picture, but I made her take it off. I'm an ogre that way. Honestly, tho - I hate the SEC, so why would I allow any of their evil on Colin's place? chuh.

C is for Cookie

Saturday palate cleanser.

Don't know about where y'all are, but here, this time of year means crummy weather (right Dad?), more crummy weather, and Girl Scout Cookies.

SO, being indoors constantly, Mommy came up with the bright idea of giving Jr. a Thin Mint. (BEFORE CALLING OR E-MAILING TO REGISTER INDIGNATION WITH GIVING A BABY A COOKIE, READ THAT AGAIN. MARY GAVE THE BOY THE COOKIE, NOT JOHN!!!!!!!)

So here 's the result:
He's got his two front bottom teeth, so he chewed the crap out of the bottom of the cookie.
"Hey, what's with all the camera flashes? Cantcha see I'm tryin' to enjoy a cookie?!?!?!"
THIS might be my favorite picture of the boy EVAR:
Simply put, "C is for Cookie". If that doesn't capture the essence and joy that is eating a cookie, I don't know what does.

More later . . .

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Oy, it's been a while

Apologies, sports fans. We've been away too long, I know. Life's thrown a few challenges our way recently, and I've just not had time to get to the blog.

Colin's first two teeth bust through this week, and he's been cantankerous as all hell. He also has started crawling a little lately. Mobile and pissy. Oy.

BUT - what's lacking in quantity is made up for in quality. Got some great shots, and some funny video. So here we go . . .
Colin gets that from his mother - she can't keep her eyes open for a picture either.
That picture was captured in full rapture and joy.
Don't know where the flash went on these.
There it is.
He's eating bisque there. Bisque.
These shots with Olive are some of my favorite ever.
A proud moment for Daddy, as Jr. sports his first Slayer t-shirt.
He fell asleep in the Jumperoo the other day. That's about as rare as hen's teeth.
He loves his toys.
He just wouldn't cooperate for these shots - wanted to get a big beaming smile while he sported his Canes gear, but he'd have none of it. &%*$* teething!
Just chillin' with his homey.
Rockin' da Elmo threads.
On to the video. First up, Colin clams up in his high chair.

Part one of "playing with toys".

Part two of "playing with toys".

Colin smacks this ball around like he'll do to Michigan quarterbacks some day.

Finally, Colin tunes Buttercup up pretty good. Olive looks on in the background, thankful it's not her turn in the barrel.

So there we go - sorry again. Will try to post more frequently . . . . thank you for your patience, and for stopping by. You stay classy.