Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Canes Bathroom

We finally finished the 'Canes bathroom at the house, after fires, seasons with playoffs missed and even worse. Here's the final product:
Below is the door shut:
A corner, with the door shut:
More behind the door:
The view from the hallway:
A bit of the border:
And here is the most pathetic playoff beard, EVAR:

That's what she gets for marrying a non-hirsute Irishman.

For shame!!!!!!

One for the Aunties

Christ, it's been a while, no?

Well, we've been preparin' for the boy's 2nd b-day blowout, so massive apologies. Not much to report lately, cept a CANES twice won seven game series. Other than that we've been gettin' the house ready for the onslougt of our families for the boy's second birthday. Below are the pictures I chose from for Mother's Day. The theme was pictures of Colin wearin' Momma's glasses and Momma wearin' Colin's Spiderman sunglasses:
That above was a picture of pure love.
Above was the picture I went with - it's at the top of the steps now.
Needless to say, everyone enjoyed swappin' specs.
Mary, tryin' to look all kewl and whatnot.
And the money shot. Everyone loves DER Colin, right?

We understand Der Aunties Love colinferrigan.blogspot.com - well, we here at the management at colinferrigan.blogspot.com love DER AUNTIES - so it's like a mutual love society. Y'all produce superior children - let's hope the proprietors of colinferrigan.blogspot.com can do the same some day.