Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nawlins Highlights (AND, OUR 100th POST!!!)

Wow, so THIS is our 100th post here at Would never have imagined that the pix would be of THIS. Well, roll with it, as they say.

I've got 130 pix from New Orleans, so I'm going to put the balance of them up on Flickr later. For now, here are some of the highlights.

First up, Mary after enough cocktails to justify the purchase of that silly hat (as in, "OOOOHHHH!!! I've just GOT to have THAT hat!!!!". She didn't think it was nearly as keen the next morning.), along with a guy that I think was painting himself up to be some facsimilie of the Heisman. He was hammered, and getting money and free drinks. We saw him everywhere.

Me and Rob at one of Emeril's joints. We had to go there by cab, and it was quite far from the Quarter.
Jen, Rob, me and Mary Ann at Emeril's. That sweatervest I'm wearing is a t-shirt. HAD to have it. Mary with hat AND boa, Rich Wicker, and me the next morning. This picture is for Emma. Me and her uncle Rich "stone kold representin' and kickin' it old skool." Or something like that. Emma, we love you. Clearly, two old guys can't pull this move off quite as street as you can.
Rob, holding what I think is an appropriately sized beer, Rich and Me on Bourbon Street before the game. Rob sent me off to get a round of drinks, it being my turn and all. Jen had been bringing back these small beers in plastic cups. I returned with this:
After hanging out on Bourbon all day long, we moseyed over to the Superdome. Here we are on the ramp up.
This t-shirt says it all.
You can see that this is before the end of the first quarter. We're smiling. These are from our seats.
I love that these kids in TBDBITL were kind enough to take a picture with us. I hate that I have that stupid look on my face.
Here we are with Nick Mangold, former Buckeye center. He now plays for the Jets. He DID NOT want to take this picture with us - the tide had turned in the game, and the mood was a bit tense. BUT - he was cool enough to do it, so kudos and thanks. Nice guy. Can't say the same about Cris Carter. He would NOT take a picture with us. Wanker.
BTW, Mary Ann is on the same step as him, and I'm standing one step below. He's a Hulk of a man.

So those are some of the highlights - more to come on Flikr later. Wonderful time had by all, except for, you know, that whole losing thing. The sweatervest will come back, and they'll win a title again one of these years.

Overdue for another post blogging (pt 2)

Man, seems we're ALWAYS overdue for a post these days, no?

Here's a few shots of Colin @ 7 months (+1 day, so sue me).

And here's a bonus recent video. Not the best quality, and you can hear the Hurricanes falling to defeat blaring from the teevee in the background. I manage to coax a smile or two out of him.

I've finally gotten the New Orleans trip pix off of the camera - now to edit and post . . . later today. I also have a surprise for Stacey and Eric - later today as well, promise!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

More Christmas '09

Well, we're just tryin' all kinds of new stuff this weekend. Finally get back to posting and go all nutso, huh?

For this batch, I uploaded everything to Flickr. There were 71 in the batch, so I figured that scrolling through that would have been a nightmare. SO - to see all of the present openin' goodness, click on Jr's picture there below, and check it all out at Flickr.

If for some reason, you can't get to the slideshow over on Flickr, just let me know and I'll figure something out.

Finally, in order to save those pictures once there, click on the "i" that pops up in the middle of the screen, and you'll see a link in the lower left hand corner that says "view photo page". A new window will open, and you should be able to save the photo from that new window.


Friday, January 18, 2008

More Videos!

OK, I think that went well. Here's some more . . .

Two quickies of Colin with Cousin Jason displaying his 'Jihad Christmas' look . . .


OK - experiment . . . let's see how this works . . .

We're baaaaaack

Well, after a 17-day hiatus, we're back. I'd been in solidarity with my bretheren, and honoring the Writer's Guild strike, you see. It's all about brotherhood in the Guild. (Does this post make me a scab?)

OK, that's total BS. Actually, we've just been running non-stop since the start of the year, travelling back South, and cursing our favorite teams in person. We saw the Canes lose to the Jackets in person over Christmas, next it was off to New Orleans to see our beloved Buckeyes lose to LSU, and then last weekend, I was in Raleigh, and took Emma, Kasi and a couple of their friends to see the Canes blow a 4-2 lead by giving the Avalanche three goals in the third period. SO - we're done going to sporting events for a while, clearly.

ANYWAY, now I'm sick as a dog, and am able to sit still long enough to actually do a posting. Apologies, and thank you for checking in with us. Now on with the main event:
Jr. with Grandpa's handiwork.
Emma, kickin' it Old School in her Run DMC t-shirt, feeding the boy.
If he actually grows up and 'plays for the other team', you'll all know why. THIS HAT.
Seriously, teh gay.
These are a few good shots of the boy.
Mollie and Grandpa trying to show him all the toy-related-awesomeness.
Finally, Jr. with bendy Woody Hayes, the coolest toy in the world.
So there you have it. Lots more to come over the weekend. We're not doing a bloody thing but chillaxin'. (h/t Greg)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Chritma Pix, Part the Second

Here's the second batch of pix. More to come, fer sure. These were taken when Dad and Mollie visited for a bit of pre-Chritma bonhomie.

First up, Dad built some wooden cars and trucks for Colin. He's going to love these when he gets a bit older.
The bus.
Emma lent a hand feeding Jr.
Here he is with Grandpa.
Here's dad with one of his birthday presents (today's his 64th - happy birtday, dad!)
Jr. with Aunt Mollie.
OK - got two more folders full of Christmas pix, and the pix from the Canes / Jackets game. I'll probably get it all done and up around Easter time.