Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A typical night at our house.

Posted w/o comment.

Christmas '08

Lots of snaps taken over Chritma. Rather than try and edit and sift, I just put the whole lot up on Flickr, warts and all.

Here was the highlight, from the Ugly Sweater Contest. Mary didn't win with this lovely selection, but let's just say that the votes were rigged.

The rest are here.

Movie time

Colin's been doing a lot lately. Here's a little bit of video.

First up, the soccer ball:

While I'd rather it was a football, or a hockey puck, it's a nice start. According to "The Book", he's WAY ahead of when he should be able to do this. Cheers.

Next, he shows off his favorite Chritma gift:

If he's not doing Neil Peart solos by this time next year, let's just say it'll be a dissapointment.

Here he is goofin' with cousins Adam and Ryan in Morgantown on Christmas Eve:

Sadly, I only caught about a quarter of the fun. They were all really having a lot of fun.

Finally, Colin shows off his smarts:

Yes, he's a genius.

I'm thinking he'll be a drummer / soccer star / zoologist/ comedian. Call it the quadruple threat.

Time for a post

Well, it's been two weeks. I'm starting to feel a bit guilty. Loading videos is much easier and less time consuming than uploading pictures, so that's why I've been rarely doing picture posts.

Here are several that have been on the 'ol sim card that needed to be uploaded. This first batch are the "Official '08 Ferrigan Family Chritma Card Picture" rejects. Don't ask me, I just work here. I'm not empowered to make such lofty decisions as that. Chuh.
I think the whole "Hulk Smash" thing would have said Christmas. Yea, verily.
TOO Cute, perhaps?
Too artsy, probably.
Here are some shots from my company's Christmas party.
Colin was scared to death of Mr. Claus.
Mrs. Claus, even moreso.
Colin in the tub after indulging in some chocoate.
Here's the boy in his Thanksgiving feather:
Tired of pictures of the feather hat - time for some Cheerios.
Enough Thanksgiving revelry, already.
The feather from the back.
And from the front, again with the chocolate.
Finally, here's a shot of Kasi with her beau, Rob, from Thanksgiving.
More to come.....soon, this time . . .

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chritma Preview

And a Merry War on Christmas to you all. In anticipation of our forthcoming Christmas cards this year, here's a shot we disregarded for obvious reasons:

If only it were in focus!!!!!! Bad photographer. 'course I told the kid to stay in focus before I snapped it, so maybe it's all on him.

Anyway, more to come . . . .

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Recent Video

As Promised, here's the boy showing off his favorite (and potentially most important) addition to his vocabulary:

What can I say, I'm incredibly proud.

Next, here's a video that will make Grandpa Ferrigan quite proud, the boy being put to work:

I keed, I keed. It is kind of cool that the boy loves playing with cleaning implements - sweepers, brooms, mops - he loves them all. A fastidious child? It's really icing on the cake, no?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Recent Pix

Here's some recent pix of the kid, in light of several facts:
a) The Hurricanes fired the guy that won the Stanley Cup for 'em, and
b) we still don't know what bowl the Buckeyes are going to, and:
c) Stepsister Marjorie Sweeney just gave birth to twins in Cola, SC.

Anyway, here's the boy:
According to the t-shirt, he still lives with his parents . . .. . .

A Very Proud Day

I don't have the video - YET - but Colin has learned how to say:


Along with, "How 'bout that"


"I see you"

(which makes a lot of sense in the context of, "peekaboo!"

Anyway, the fact that the kid says "BUCKEYE!" any time he sees Brutus is a victory as far as I'm concerned.