Friday, July 31, 2009

Jury Duty

All, sorry - I know I owe this week's post. It's been a hectic week. Mary spent some time in lovely New Jersey, and I spent the week on the Butler County Grand Jury. Eight hours a day hearing about all the crime going on in my county that I was completely unaware of.

Very interesting and very scary. All's I have to say about that is this:

Seriously. Drugs, drugs, drugs and drugs. That was what 99% of the 60+ cases we heard had to do with.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ein Extrapfosten - auf englisch, Leute.

BTW - if you've not found it - search out bablefish - it'll make the next couple of posts in German a bit easier. Fur dem nongersprechen.

First up, Herr Colin and meine leg:
He loves going shirtless
Here he is askin' for a ' cycle'. Mary bought these little tiny popcycles that are his size. Only problem - he can eat seven or eight of them and still ask for more. They clearly should have had a drop or eight of Jagermeister, no?
And here he is with some lotion on his face - it makes the blemishes go away in the morning, honest. Sad thing is he has to look like a mad dog for 12 hours a day.
More Reds love, face-junk and popsicle juice, above:
A bit of video of Colin and Ruby in a pillow fight to send you off:

Thanks for stopping by. Stay classy! XOXO

Für meine ältere Schwester

Ein Pfosten für meine Schwester Emma. Waldland war Ihre Schule. Bruder Colin geht dort eines Tages. Freude. Das Hemd ist für Ihren Nutzen - Sie gingen einmal zu dieser Schule! Genießen Sie, Frau Emma - wir lieben Sie.
Videos, Leute:

und kommt hier das Aufprallen:

schließlich mehr Aufprallen:

Dank für das Kurz aufhalten bei, bleibt, Weibchen nobel.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The latest

Not a lot going on lately. We've been trying to introduce Jr. to teh potty, as you can see below:
So far, to no avail. But it will happen. Here's a few other recent pix after his most recent haircut:
And here he is exercising the Goofus gene:
Video of teh spraying:

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Don't forget - even though hockey season is over - foosball season is right around the corner.

Would that we could have magic like this in 2009:

Holy Buckeye, Indeed!