Friday, June 26, 2009

Last Saturday @ the county park

Last weekend we took Herr Colin to the county park. He rode the poneys quite well for a first timer:
Mommy helped a bit, but it was mostly the kid:
At the end of the day, the kid's a natural. He inherited the ability to ride from both Warbels and Ferrigans:
Mommy gave a knee up in the pic above.
Here he is tryin' to figure out the 'riding tractors' at the park.
And here's some poorly shot video:

And here is Herr Colin letting us know he wants to ride the horsey a bit longer:

So there you go. Four posts in one day. Huzzah!

Teh Goofus

Despite what he says in the video - the kid is the Goofus. I think this picture speaks for itself:
The kid begs to differ:

Clearly, he's wrong.

A post 36 years in the making

This is a post that's 36 years in the making. First up, Colin's old man enjoying a bit of brownie batter way back in '73:
Nice duds, no? We still have that mixing bowl, for what it's worth. Anyway - on to Herr Colin enjoying brownie batter himself. He was mixing brownies for Father's Day '09:
I think he enjoyed it more than I did. Notice Buttercup watching out for a handout.
Butter - right there in the thick of it.
Again, I think Colin enjoyed it better than I did. He had to fight off two dogs to get his chocolate on, so that counts for something.
Awesome. Here's some video to confirm the kid's choco-ecstacy:

More to come - this is a three-post Friday. Awesome.

A nearly week-late Father's Day tribute for Grandpa Ferrigan

Dad - apologies - we just unearthed the scanner, and I found a few pix from back in the day for a (very) short tribute.

First up - an example of our stylin' when Farrah was at the top and KC and the Sunshine Band ruled the airwaves.

(They were a disco band that were very popular in the '70's). Here we are at the precipice of The Grand Canyon:
And here we are in front of the Petrified Forest.
If I could find a way to take my kids on a three week sojourn across the country some day, I would be thrilled. I'lll keep my fingers crossed....
Lastly - a shot from your first day back in-country. I think that the whole negative was reversed, somehow - your hair isn't parted on that side - and I didn't look like that - even back then. Or, I could be 100% wrong.
Either way - many thanks, Grandpa Ferrigan - you're the best pops a kid could hope for.
I love you dearly.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A historic trip through Northside

So I had a birthday gift certificate to Shake It Records that was burnin' a hole in my pocket this past weekend, and we went down to Aunt Mollie's place in Northside so's I could satisfy my itch. We rounded up the crew and headed down nice and early. Went out to Frisch's for breakfast and everything. Threw in a 'historic tour of Northside' on top of it.

And don't you know, it got too hot and Jr's outbreak of poison ivy necessitated a trip to the ER. So I didn't get to go to the best record store in Cincy. . . AT ALL. So I still have a gift certificate burnin' a hole in my pocket to this very day. (I'm plannin' on buyin' the following albums:

Hawkwind, "Space Ritual"
UFO, "Lights Out"
Uriah Heep, "Demons and Wizards"
Motorhead, "Iron Fist"

...and who knows what else.)

Anyway, we did manage to get a few great snaps of the cuteness - which is why most people come by this blog anyway, not to hear about my impending CD purchases. So, without further adieu, on with the cuteness...
Mommy and Auntie Mollie try to adjust the cutesy headband on the boy's head.
He was more nonplussed than the pix would indicate, honest.
OK, the picture below is pretty priceless:
He's just about had enough by this point:
And now it's on to the car. Believe it or not, I took this picture from the driver's seat as I was tooling down the road at 45 mph. Mollie had the boy in stitches. And I didn't even do a good job of capturing it, sadly.
Here we are at the beginning of the historic tour of Northside. Northside is the 'suburb' of Cincinnati where Aunt Mollie lives. It's considered the 'inner city' these days, and was annexed by the City of Cincinnati at about the turn of the 2oth century. Anyway, it used to be the 'suburbs' way back when Mollie's house was built in the late 1800's. There is quite a lot of history down there. Hence, the tour. Colin did the tour from a perch on his Radio Flyer for the most part.
It was hotter than blazes, and we only lasted about an hour of the tour. Colin had amassed a large spot of poison ivy gunk on one of his ears and we left early to take him to Children's Hospital to get it checked out. He's fine now.
So there you go, Aunties - a rare Friday post of up-to-date pictures. I hope the rest of your Friday is wonderful!!!! :-)
Seeyouse. Stay classy.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


As one who's had to suffer through many hours of this 'dinosaur's' nonsense - all I can say is AMEN, BROTHER.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Retrospective, Part Einz

Well, we just celebrated the boy's second birthday. I figured like any halfway decent sitcom, it's probably time for a semi-decent retrospective. Sadly, I can't find the directory where the very early Colinpix reside, but we're starting off when he was two months old, so there you go. Clearly, every Brady family retrospective doesn't begin with Carol and Mike getting married - because that episode was LAME. Anyway, we'll begin with a shot from our wedding rehearsal, and then get into the cuteness.

Here's the pre-Colin days:
Never doubt the power of the Badass Mother 2000.
Check out that smile, Auntie Robin - the kid loves you:
Colin's firt NHL Game - Canes vs. Jackets:
What could possibly be cuter than a baby wearing a Slayer T-shirt?
That's right - NOTHING.
That was the kid's first Girl Scout Cookie - a Thin Mint. Mary gave it to him, for those that might be concerned.
Canes PJs:
Well, there you go - one day short of the kid's first birthday. I was tempted to post a great picture of Colin with both of his grandfathers wearing birthday hats from B-day numero uno - but I'll save that for Retrospective, Part Zwei - if it's forthcoming.
Either way -thanks for stopping by - stay classy.