Friday, June 17, 2011

Pictures!! Pictures!!

I've been goaded into more postings, so here we go.

Here's Colin receiving an early birthday present from Grandpa Warbel . . .
. . . and clearly very excited!

On to Colin's birthday party:

Colin's birthday cake / cupcakes:

Here was the inflatable slide for Colin's birthday:

The next day, Colin played soccer in a net from Cousin Amy, and it was awesome!

A goal was scored not long before this picture:

And here he is with Grandpa. I don't have to tell anyone visiting that Grandpa was trying to explain the fine art of hitting a baseball at this time:

Here are some pictures from Aunt Mollie's wedding rehearsal tonight:

Here's mommy:

Me and Emma:

Colin and Ruby watching a movie:

S0 there you go - PICTURES!! PICTURES!!

Thanks for stopping by. Stay classy!