Friday, January 29, 2010

Some Christmas video

Well, it's nearly the end of January, what better time to put up the videos from Christmas could there possibly be?

Here's the boy waking up Christmas morning and seeing Santa's handiwork:

Decidedly unimpressed, or totally shocked?

Next, Colin plays with the train that Grandpa Ferrigan made for him for Christmas:

Next up, here he is modeling the helmet and scooter he got from Uncle Johnny and Auntie Robyn:

Colin unwraps some bath toys that the Sponhaltz clan bought for him:

Here he is unwrapping one of his favorite toys, RC Mater:

Here he is playing with RC Mater:

And still more:

Finally, Colin and Kasi run the circuit in our house:

More to come later . . .

Friday, January 22, 2010

2010 . . .meh.

Sorry all, haven't had much to post about lately. 2010 started off with Buttercup needing emergency surgery on January 2, and it's been seriously downhill since then.

Here's a few shots of her post-op:
She'll be in the Cone of Shame for at least another month. Joy.
Here's a bit of leftover video from the holidays to tide over the Colin fix:

More "Elefun":

More to come later . . .