Saturday, February 27, 2010


Mommy was in San Antonio on business this week, and received an award for general awesomeness. Part of the award was a $100 debit card. Being awesome, she bought Colin this Lightning McQueen racetrack:
Despite the look on his face, he really does love it. He's been playing with it non-stop since we got it put together.
As he and I were headed out for errands this morning, he favored us with a song:

For whatever reason, that makes me think of this (go to about 2:29 into the video):

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

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Ann Arbor is a dirty whore indeed.

Colin stuff in the previous post:

Blizzard of '10 / boots / fort

So we've been pounded pretty good by Old Man Winter over the last ten days. Here's a few pix from the Snowpocalypse 2010, Ohio version:
We got something like 14" the first go-round.
Then it was OK for a while, and we got hit again last weekend. Here's some pix of Colin enjoying the snow:
Last night Colin operated the spade while I was workin' the snow shovel. Didn't get any pix - but the kid was all about shoveling snow. Can't wait to get him on that lawnmower. My father is smiling wide at this development. :-)
Mary wanted to capture the boy standing in the snow. It does almost come up to his waist. It's like the Blizzard of '78 all over again.
Again, me and the boy shoveled all this mess off of the walkway yesterday; sadly, no photographic proof.
Here's the one video we captured. Notice the lights going off in the boy's Lightning McQueen shoes:

While we had a break from Snowmageddon last weekend, we went to Target and the boy picked out some boots. What is it about boys and boots? Lord knows he'll be wearing these things 'til the Buckeyes kick off the Big 10 season in September:
That first night he wore the bloody things to bed. WOULD NOT TAKE THEM OFF.
The best part is they stink to high heaven. They did so before we bought them - it's the material they're made out of. Smells like burnt tires. Bloody awful.
But he loves them, so what are you going to do?
They're fireman boots. Meh. He's very proud:
OK - these pix are from the previous Saturday. We'd gotten about 15" that Friday night, and were staying in on Saturday, so the boy was B-O-R-E-D! I had a flash of brilliance:
"Snow day . . . stuck inside . . . MAKE . . .A . . .FORT!!!!!"
Sadly, I ended up spending more time in the fort watching "Aliens vs. Monsters" than he did. Sad thing is, when I tried to watch the Hurricanes game from the fort, he wasn't happy . . . dammit.
I'm no engineer, but that's quality fort building if I do say so my damn self.
See, he wasn't all that keen on the fort -would rather stand outside of it:
Here's a few pix of the boy goofin' whilst sportin' some footies:
"I don't want my picture taken any more.", below. Interestingly enough - he's really not keen on having his picture taken much lately. Is this a phase? A boy thing? Who knows?
Finally, a few pix of Olive. My company is having a 'cutest pet' photo contest, so I thought I'd try my hand at some indoor wildlife photography. Not so good, I'll admit . . .
Too 'snouty':
Not a candidate - the guy on the left is too ugly:
That's all for now. We're finally dug out, but there's supposed to be another 6" on the way this weekend.
's all good - we've got Spring Football right around the corner, and pitchers and catchers report to Arizona for the Reds this week . . . spring's never been so close!
(That's the best spin I've got on this crummy weather, sorry!)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Colin (Hearts) his Blue Jackets jersey

There were a few of the pictures we captured over the month of January on the camera that we recently uploaded. It just so happened that Colin was wearing his Blue Jackets jersey each time we busted out the camera. Coinkidink, I swear.

Here he is riding on his horse, much to the horse's dismay:
Here he is with one of the nets from Elefun. That or he's playing one of the Gumbys.
More random smiling:
Here's Buttercup in her second "cone of shame":
There you are, thanks for stopping by. As the cold recedes, more pix to come . . .
Bonus wankery:

1987 was a wonderful year.