Friday, May 25, 2007

From the "would you hurry up and have this baby department" . . .

Not much interesting to report. We're still waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting. We're now one week out from the official date, and everyone's pretty much on pins and needles.

The only exciting thing to report is the arrival of the final piece of furniture for Colin's room. Apparently, it takes longer to ship something from Canuckistan than it does something from Afghanistan. Whoddathunkit?

Here are a couple of shots of the hutch. It probably goes without saying, but I laid out all the stuff on the shelves there, so it's probably nowhere near correctly laid out. Consider these shot's an 'artist's rendering' of the final look and feel. The boss will have to come home and utter those three words all men just love to hear when they proudly say "I'm done" : "'s this?"
I can tell ya right now, I'm gonna hear about that lampcord being visible in this picture. I can just hear it now . . .

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Braces are ON

Today was a banner day in teenagerdom for Emma. She had her braces put on. She's been "oh my gawd, like TOTALLY dying" for this day for some time now. The process was relatively quick, and painless so far. In and out in under an hour.

Methinks she's going to be in for a bit more pain over the next couple of years, at least once a month for tightenings.

Not much else to report . . . just waiting for Jr. . . . .