Friday, July 27, 2007

Sleepblogging, T Visit, New Stroller, oh my . . .

Well, it's Friday, and you know that can only mean one thing:

We're only two weeks in, and clearly, this is a phenomenon that's going to take the blogging world by storm. We can feel it.

Anyway, after I was done trying to cut Jr's finger off, we had a visit from Cousin Tonya, famed thrower of Ohio State / Illinios tailgates, noted Buckeye enthusiast, and apparent Parrothead. She was in the 'nati for Buffet Week, and finally got to see Colin.

Another great shot of Dad's mastery with band-aids.
Thank you for everything, T! She got Colin the coolest book about Matroyshkas, the Ohio State stroller (see below), and brought an Ohio State windsuit for Jr from Deke and Brad (Thank You, Deke and Brad!) that should be fitting him in another couple of months. Clearly, the boy's gonna be ready for his first tailgate.

In other exciting Colin news, today Colin is seven weeks old. He's celebrating by donning some bib overalls, and just chillin'.Grandpa Ferrigan comes into town tomorrow, after touring up around the Great Lakes, and out through the Dakotas, and Wyoming, into Yellowstone. Pix should be fun. And then next Friday, Emma comes in for a visit, so clearly, Mr. Colin's calendar is very, very full.

Friday Random 11 (Part of the management team here at is less than enamored with this regular feature . . . for now, it stays!)

1) "Love Without Anger" - Devo

2) "Give It Up or Turnit a Loose" - James Brown

3) "Can't Hardly Wait" - The Replacements

4) "What's Going On" - Husker Du

5) "Brave New World" - Iron Maiden

6) "Going Away To College" - Blink 182

7) "Let's Have A War" - A Perfect Circle

8) "Creatures of the Night" - Kiss

9) "Make Your Move" - Kick Axe (Regina, SK's greatest band, EVAR!!!!!)

10) "This Is Where" - Madness

11) "Too Long" - fIREHOSE

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

(NOT) Father of the Year

Second day of paternity leave, and already the first major trauma. This afternoon as Colin and I were enjoying a screening of Godfather II, I noticed that his fingernails had gotten incredibly long. So far neither mom nor I have been able to muster the courage to actually clip his nails. Renee Bush was kind enough to do it for us on the 4th of July, and well, I've been quite afraid to try ever since.

Turns out, my fear was not unfounded.

As young Vito Corleone was about to put the finishing touches on Don Fanucci, I clipped Colin's left hand. Five snips - no problem. I began on his right hand, got the pinkie and ring fingers, no problem. Went for that middle finger, and OH MY GOD, I'VE CUT OFF MY SON'S FINGER.

Well, not quite that bad, but I got a bit of the tip. Jr immediately began to wail uncontrollably. I could see blood. Long story short, I went through three napkins, two cotton balls, and four band-aids. (Aside - they don't make, or rather I DON'T OWN, band-aids for infants. I got a deal at Costco - 1,000 band-aids for $3.75. You'd figure with 1,000 to choose from, ONE would be small enough for an infant's finger. Not so much.) Jr cried like I've never heard him - so bad, he broke into a sweat. With all the blood, I began to panic, "Maybe he's a hemophiliac!!!!", and "Am I going to have to take my son to the emergency room for a cut on the FINGER?!?!?!". The cut dried, and was anti-septicated and whatnot. Jr calmed down. 'course the worst part was when MOM CAME HOME, and I had to explain what I'd done. Needless to say, she was nonplussed.

Here's a shot of my handiwork below, after Jr calmed down.
Father of the year, I am not. Anyway, here are a few shots of Jr showing off his incredibly strong neck, obviously before I TRIED TO CUT OFF HIS FINGER.

More rawk t-shirts. Misfits.
And, The Specials.
Incidentially, I have no idea what this move below is. It's not quite Elvis, not quite Bruce Dickenson of Iron Maiden. Colin clearly thinks it's kewl, whatever it is.
Perhaps Bowser, from Sha-Na-Na?

Friday, July 20, 2007

Sleepblogging / Friday Random 11

So, in order to get rich off this blogging thing, we gotta figure out a way to drive traffic to, right? Really drive up traffic, then sell ads, then retire to the Bahamas. Or something like that. There' all kinds of gimmicks that people try. we've seen catblogging, dog blogging , and even Pudu Blogging. So, the management here at give you a whole new, groundbreaking type of blogging:

(Cue sound of crickets)

Obviously, this is taking the Internet to a whole 'nother level!


I'm going to be able to retire in short order, don't you think? Just need to get that term trademarked, and watch the Benjamins come rollin' in.

(more, louder crickets)

OK, not so much. Well, I'm sure we'll come up with something. Here's a Friday Random 11 to mull over and make fun of while I go back to the drawing board . . .

1) "The Tow Jam" - Minutemen
2) "Bikeage" - Descendents
3) "Enemy of God" - Kreator
4) "Goodbye to Romance" - Ozzy
5) "Lowrider" - JFA
6) "Saint Simon" - The Shins
7) "Single Girl" - 16 Horsepower
8) "Give It" - Helmet
9) "Smiling Like a Killer" - Motorhead
10) "One World" - Anthrax
11) "In the City" - The Jam

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

12 lbs, 8oz.

Had a visit from the Butler County Health office yesterday. "Visiting Nurses", the program is called. Anyway, they weighed Jr, and he's now up to 12 lbs, 8oz. Healthy as a horse.

Mommy goes back to work on Friday, and Daddy begins paternity leave. Can't wait. We're gonna look at some siding for the house, get new tattoos, pick out a Tonka truck, and lots, lots more . . .

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunday Camera Dump

Bit overdue for a camera dump. Here's a few recent shots. Sleepy face there below.

Sarah, a team lead from my office was so generous! This Mickey outfit was one her daughters picked out for Jr. (Thank you, girls!!!)

This face here below, well . . . .just looks like he's, um, BUSY.
These next three shots are kind of typical of him. He fell asleep in his boppy one evening recently, and decided to do another of his impressions, "I'm riding a rollercoaster in my sleep." He's developing quite a range.
Caden Urmston, our neighbor, came over the other night and finally got a chance to hold the boy. Colin had been asleep every other time Caden had seen him, so he was pretty excited. Been meaning to post this - this was from the picnic we had a few weeks back, this is our neighbor Jamie (who, just happens to be a HUGE Black Flag fan).
Junior continues to grow and grow. He's eating a LOT these days. He's already grown out of all his newborn clothes, and is in 3M stuff exclusively. He's able to turn over on his side, and his neck gets stronger by the moment. Not yet sleeping through the night, tho . . . but it's a matter of time. He's extremely alert, and is beginning to smile . . .
Yonk and June are in town to visit with Colin this week, and Mary goes back to work on Friday. More pictures to come!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Friday Random 11

Jeebus, we're nearly approaching 12 hits a day here at In teh world of blogging, that necessitates a random posting 'bout whatcha been listenin' to lately. Here goes:

1) "Move Right In" Rollins Band
2) "Labels" Subhumans (UK Subhumans for those in the know)
3) "Blood and Iron" OverKill
4) "In the Waiting" Zero 7
5) "Killer" Kiss
6) "The Chant Has Begun" Level 42
7) "Old World New World" INXS
8) "Goons of Hazzard" Dead Kennedys
9) "Live It Up" Black 'n Blue
10) "Bulletproof......I Wish I Was" Radiohead
11) "Demon's Eye" Deep Purple

* In case you're curious, the "Random 11" = pushing the iPod on the Random setting X number of times .. . . ..

Sunday, July 8, 2007

One Month Old

Colin is one month old today. To celebrate, he showed off his latest impression, Chuck D.

"Fight the power", indeed.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thursday Camera Dump

Well, it's been a busy week here at la casa, apologies on not keeping up with the pics. Here are a few highlights from the past week.

Abby, Taylor and Lori stopped by to give Colin his first pair of sandals (baby Birks aren't that far off . . .Dad will abide . . .) Here's Taylor holding Colin:
Abby and Taylor together with Colin.
Colin, Taylor, Abby and Abby holding Buttercup's purple gopher. The only toy we've gotten the dog that she's not found a way to destroy.
Next up, Colin shows off more of his musical preference. This time, a Dead Kennedys onsie. That look on his face says "Terminal Preppie" to me . . .

Here are a few from bath time on the 4th.

We've added to the zoo, welcoming aboard Teh Cow. Teh Cow is so much better than the other members of the zoo - he's much bigger than the others, and those SOB's over at Target couldn't, WOULDN'T dare to try and pawn it off as anything other than Teh Cow.
Photographing a moving subject is challenging sometimes. Mary took these three below.

Not much else to report. He continues to grow by leaps and bounds. This boy is going to eat us out of house and home. Other than that, he's sleeping a bit more regularly, and has really started to like the swing that Grandpa Ferrigan got for him. Puts him right to sleep.