Thursday, November 19, 2009


Well, y'all - there's not been a heck of a lot going on lately. Mary's been fighting allergies, the Bucks have been through a heck of a season, the Canes are the worst team in the NHL, and we've been doing a whole lot of nothing lately.

It's been so bad that we've not really had anything to take pictures of recently, sad to say.

Here's Colin playing with a toy Mary brought back from a business trip she had to Philly a few weeks back:

The one sad thing to report is that the boy discovered Barney. He sings the song and whatnot:

While it's albeit cute, doesn't it just have a whiff of antichrist and brimstone?


I'd thought I'd paid my penance the first time around.

On the upside - we were told at school that he's the class enforcer - makes sure all the other kids stay in line. Good to know. This kid will be calling defenses in Ohio Stadium some day - mark my words.

We'll have more after the weekend - it's H8Michigan week . . .

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trick or Treat '09

So this past Saturday, the Bucks were playing the vaunted Aggies of New Mexico State.

Yeah, I know. We were bored to tears as well. 45-0 Bucks. Ho hum.

Colin conked out for a nap at 3:30. We woke him up to get ready for beggars night a bit before six PM, and at first he wanted nothing to do with the costume or candy, none of it. Mary talked him into wearing his "pengin feet" as a start:
After the first several gaggles of kids came by and got FULL SIZE CANDY BARS, he re-thought the whole thing and agreed to put the costume on:
The Elmo bucket helped, a bit.
Daddy got the first leg, taking him up and down one half of the street. He wanted to run:
It was all a lot of fun - he got a lot of attention. People thought he was the Linux penguin, one of the penguins from "Madagascar" and an official mascot of the Pittsburgh Penguins.
"I want a sucker".
Clearly got our money's worth from that sucker.
With Daddy after the trick or treating ended around 7:30.
With Mommy, about the same time.
A "big smile" with Mommy.
Some video of the blessed event:

So there you have it, Trick or Treat '09. We're soliciting input for the costume to be used for '10. Sorry, Rush Limbaugh's Oxycontin bottle, Glenn Beck's pea brain and the true agenda of the "Club for Growth" have already been considered and rejected.
Thanks for stopping by.
Stay classy.

Inside Santa's / Grandpa's Workshop

Grandpa Ferrigan has been busy in his workshop, playing Santa's Elf for Mr. Colin. He's holding up the blueprints to a wooden train that's going to be awesome.
See, I told you it was awesome:
More from the workshop:
Another creation - a classic car:
Keep up the good work, Santa, er, Grandpa!
Halloween pix forthcoming . . . he went as a penguin this year. Adorable.