Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stoopid is as Stoopid Does

Overdue by a few days at least, no? Well, shi*zznit, we gots all kindsa things goin' on here in the 'natti, so why doncha cut us a bit 'o slack.

Mary 'n me gots new jobs that both start on 5/5; Jr's been cuttin' teeth, and with spring done springin', the dogs are impossible. On top of all that, the Canes missed the playoffs BY ONE GAME, and we missed the Scarlet and Gray game to boot, dammit.

So - here's the latest on Jr:
Enjoying string cheese.
Notice the monkey duds. Mommy LOVES 'em.
Here's Jr crawling at high speed. You can't get it - but the b0y has quicks.
pit stop.
Mommy LOVES these PJs for some reason:
Sleepy guy:
Y'all don't get this, but in the shot below, he's showin' off THE CLAW:
TEH KLAW!!!!!!!
The boy loves the remote, what can we say?
The next couple of shots are Jr under the table:
Here he is, sans duds;
It was his choice, believe it or not,
Jr, contemplating his next post:
Teh typing has begun:
So that is the latest. Here's some video too:

More chattiness:

Enough for now.
More to come .. . . .
Thanks for stopping by. Stay Classy . .. .

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This is going to be bad news for the Democrats.

It's a new week, time for at least one post. Would have done it last night, but I waited 'til the last possible minute to do our taxes.

Jr's been very chatty lately - tried to capture some of it in the video at the end. He's also been back to himself - just smiley and rambunctuous. Crawling EVERYWHERE. Getting into EVERYTHING he can. On Sunday evening, we happened to be watching Return of the Jedi, and he was especially happy:
Yes, I know. We're geeks.
Grandpa Warbel picked up the spiffy duds.
I can't really explain the hair, other than to say - he's not gettin' it cut 'til it's a fully flowing mullet. Just like papa.
He agrees:
We actually had a bit of warm weather last week, so Colin got to display some of his summer habillement:
Quite fetching. You can see he's got no interest in pleasing his public. Just gets tired of the flash goin' off all the time.
The obligatory shots of food on the punum. Don't know how to describe this one below. Such an odd look. Somewhere between suave and sleepy, no?
Not only will the kid not always cooperate by staying in focus, but Olive was just not playin' ball tonight either. Tried to show her 'cleaning up' after Jr'd eaten. Her snout goes all the way under the top of the high chair there.
Then she sticks the snout over the armrests. Again, I was too slow.
Got a few quick flicks as well. First up, some of Colin being all Chatty Cathy:

Next, as I said - he was gacked while we watched Return on Sunday. Here he is laughing and playing peekaboo, sorta:

'sall fer now, folks. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Buckeyes win the NIT!!!!!!!

Once again behind the 8-ball. Apologies. Been busy with new jobs, travels to and from 'bama, and whatnot.

Jr. kicked the epizudec that he'd had, so that's good. He's begun crawling at a rate of speed that's amazing. I've not fully captured it on film yet, but suffice to say that the boy's got quicks. Here he is in mid-crawl:
He's also developed a fascination with the window. Bangs on it and drops mad knowledge on anyone within earshot.
Here he is with Buttercup earlier this evening. (Maiden rules . . . )
His most recent favorite food is Fuji apples. Give 'em a shot if you're in the groc. They're tasty.
I really am bad at taking pictures. Emma is much, MUCH better at it than I am:
Given Jr's recent mobility, we've had to employ the 'cage'. He cries uncontrollably when we put it up. HATES IT. But it's a necessary evil.
On the upside, he resembles the coolest man ever, Steve McQueen, in The Great Escape. So there's that.
Yonk and June came over the weekend while we went to Alabama. They decided it was time for Bubba to have soup.
er, WEAR soup.
Xenia, the Pig shots are for you!
Grandma actually thought that napkin thingy would work. Not so much.
Soup is good food.
We've also got some video to add. Not terribly exciting, but a good distraction at the very least. First up, Colin shows off his latest favorite toy, the dog bowl:

Next, Colin shows another new toy, the window:

Here, Colin 'enjoys' a banana:

Next, Colin hangs out on Mommy, in anticipation of the title game later tonight:

Finally, Colin gets off the porch and runs with the big dawgs:

So there you have it - we're up to date. See you in a week.

Stay classy!