Monday, December 31, 2007

Chritma Pix, Part the First

So we've got about 300 pictures from Chritma to sort through. Here are the first batch. On top of this, we have pix from Colin's first hockey game. Without further adieu, here we go.

Here he is with Cousin Adam, celebrating a Jihad Christmas:
Here he is with Cousin Amy.
I'm not sure, but I think Colin farted right before this shot:
This is a series of shots of Colin in his red turtleneck. I just remember hearing "Hurry, get a picture of this!!!!"
'Course, the bear might have something to do with it . . .
Here's brother and sissy together:
Colin and June together:
These are all of the stockings that Robyn has knitted over the years. Colin's was unveiled this year. He loved it.
Look at that little punnum.
What a Warbel.
More of the outfit in Red.
He can sit up pretty well on his own these days.
He's learned how to do a raspberry on his hand - I'm so proud.
Here he is with Aunt Robyn.
More of the sitting up.
Here are more of the stockings.
Yeah, Mommy got a Dead Schembechlers T-Shirt for Chritma.
She's a lucky lady, winnin' the husband lottery and all.

Here's Yonk, gettin' in on the "lookin for keys" act.
OK - so that's round one. More to come, perhaps tomorrow. Go Illini, go Badgers, go . . . well, Michigan, hope you don't lose by 27 . . .