Thursday, June 19, 2008

Say, didja hear that Obama cat is a Moooslum?

So, sheesh. Granted, it's been a week, but can I just say it's been a BORING week? I know that's an unpopular position, kinda like those of us who knew Saddam had no nookular weapons in 2002, but still . . .

It's honestly been a week of no developments. Jr. continues to walk, and enjoy balloons like the wankers at Fox "News" enjoy negative stories about anyone to the left of Atilla the Hun.
Olive gives out teh kisses.
Jr. doesn't like teh kisses.
Again, that closed eye thing is more Warbel than Ferrigan . . .
Teh walking Colin.
"THERE'S the balloon!"
And we're on to the purple balloon . . .
How'd it get on the ceiling?!??!?!?!!
I can't honestly express the joy associated with simple things like balloons and bubbles.
This might give you some idea:

To close it all out, here he is enjoying Eric Burdon and the Animals:

Spill tha wine indeed, beochizzzz

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Sorry we waited 'til June 11, Ben. Guess I'll have to drink a triple, come T-gate '08, no?

OK, yes - it's been two weeks. Apologies. I was in Chicago most of last week.

The latest is that Colin has begun walking, and he turned One this week. Hooray. Oh, that and the damn Red Wings won yet another Stanley Cup. Dammit. Yeah, and that Obama character won the nomination. Finally. I will claim a bit of credit on the latter - when he gave that speech in '04, I told Mary that he'd be president one day. Didn't think it would be '08, but I'll take it. (Sorry that he 'won't wear a lapel pin', T . . . ). As they said at Sadly No!, "get ready for reparations camps, crackers!"

Anyway, on with teh cuteness. First up - a few shots from Jon 'n Donna's deck. Jon bottled his own brew- we went up to capture the first tapping.

The shirt was Mary's doing - but I'm all about Yoda, so it's kewl.
The boy likes to eat, what can we say?
Here he is in the rocker. More later.

On to the pix from The Little Gym. For those not in the know, Colin goes to The Little Gym on Saturdays, and learns about tumbling, walking, and bubbles . . .

I got him the t-shirt in Chitown.

Teh walking Colin . . .

He's underneath the parachute in these shots.

Now he's on top of the parachute.

Christ, that guy on the right is an ugly somnabeoch.

Right before I took that shot, he was walking on the balance beam - honest. Can anyone say 'nutcracker'?

He can hold himself up on the bar - the boy is STRONG!

This is the tumbling part of the festivities -he learns how to do a turnover, er . . . whatever they call it.

More standing on his own.

I'm pretty certain he got the behavior below from the Ferrigan side of the house. No self-respecting Warbel would ever do THIS in public:

On to the birthday party. Colin had a wonderful time. Thank you all for coming, and to all who sent tha mad prezents. He's still overwhelmed. Here he is with his kiddie cake. (The baseball is an homage to his grandfather; if Daddy actually had a say, it would have been a football . . .)

Here he is with Cousin Lucas. Luke lives in Springboro, which is just North of us. Luke turned one in April . Colin and Luke are going to play at Ohio State together - it's already been decided. Colin will be at middle linebacker, Luke at fullback - just like his Daddy. Either way - they're both going to be trouble together. . . (ps - that's Luke's Mommy - Mary Ann's cousin, Amy Beth Ward - there on the left)
Lucas enjoying the mini 4 wheeler.
Let me just say - watching the boys enjoy a proper Tonka - it just gives me hope for the future of our species.
So it was a birthday party, naturally we had the obligatory birthday hats. Here Colin 'enjoys' his birthday hats with his grandfathers. (Note - the wardrobe change followed him COVERING himself in birthday cake icing . . .)
I don't think he liked the hat as much as his grandfathers did . . .
I got in on the action too. Notice that he only tried to make 'em snap for me.
Interesting fact - Colin is the Seventh generation of 'only Ferrigan sons'. Each generation of Ferrigans, going back for seven, has had only one son. While not being terribly prolific, we are good at boozing. That's got to count for something, doesn't it? I'd say that makes us pretty good Irishmen at the very least.
Scooter bought him the noisemaker in the picture above. Many 'thanks', Scoots.
Unlike the old man, the boy hates wearing hats. This is his Superman hat - see the joy? We've got to fix this. It's a cool hat!
Cousin Ruby enjoys the party.
Especially the balloons . . .
Uncle Paul corrals Colin and Ruby.
And finally, it's on to the britches. The day after - the actual day of the oneness.
Enjoying a ride in his Radio Flyer, both courtesy of Grandpa Ferrigan.
So there it is - Colin turns one. Here's a few videos to butress the story:

Above - Colin Walks!

Next, Colin rocks da party.

Here's Colin enjoying his birthday cake.

Grandpa Ferrigan swipes teh boy's toes.

Finally, Daddy gets in on the tickling action.
That's all for now. Big week for the boy. Sorry for missing a week. More to come later, after our visit to Alabama this coming weekend.

Thanks for stopping by! Stay classy.