Friday, September 25, 2009

LOL Dogz

So, went trolling through the archives here @, and went to the premier site for making doggielolz, "", and here's what I came up with.

If you're not familiar with all this - it's a site dedicated to providing funny captions to pictures that involve dogs.

Here's the dog-related funnies from our website:
Olive has always been a tad jealous of Colin's general awesomeness . . .
Olive finally admits that "NHL Center Ice is a good investment every season"
If Olive were capable of thought, it'd look something like this:
'sall for now - thankz for stopping by. Stay classy.

Why I'm a Canes Fan

I know nearly none of our regular readers are hockey fans - BUT - y'all should check this out- very cool:

Canes deliver season tickets.

There's more here.

The Canes official site has better video of the whole thing.

Just got my Chad LaRose 59 jersey in the mail . . .


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mary Ann officially turns 40

Mary Ann officially turned 40 yesterday. Her folks were in town, so the editors here at were unable to properly mark the occasion. However, her whole family marked it over the weekend during a 'surprise' party here at the house. Before we get to that - here's a few shots of Ms. Mary from back in the day:
Bathing beauty:
"The Trendsetter, '87":
"The Trendsetter, '78:"
"The Femullet, '85":
"The 'Def Leppard, '82:"
"The 'Seriously, Mom and Dad?' '70:
Here begin the pix from 'Seriously, I'm 40', circa '09:
Above, "One of us is already wasted, can you guess who?"
Above, "Framed by Donnas, '09"
Above, "Wouldn't this picture be awesome if Colin wasn't wearing Michigan colors, '09?"
Above, "Cousins, '09"
Above, "No Comment"
Above, "Praying for takers on my birthday!!!!!!"
Above, "The Catch".
More can be found here.
Here's the video of her walking in on the whole shebang:

And here's Colin enjoying some balloons from the official 09/21/2009 party celebrating Mary topping the hill before the long descent to OLD TOWN:
'sall for now. Stay classy. Thanks for stopping by.

Auntie Mollie turnd 31 - several weeks back . . .

Auntie Mollie turned 31 back on September 4. We were there as part of the newsgathering arm of We were just way late in uploading the story to the blog - apologies!
We went to a great little Indian place down by Cincinnati State on the border of Clifton and Northside called Dushmesh. It was Colin's first exposure to Indian food. He liked the Nan, wasn't too partial to the curry, and ate the rice.
Thank heavens the porch had a gate, that's all we got to say.
Colin decided to play "Apostate Sikh" for the proprietors. They thought it was kinda funny:
Clearly Auntie Mollie enjoyed it:
Colin was being a crafty Sikh - hiding behind all the wine bottles. Auntie Mollie and her friends are kinda boozy, providing for all kinds of cover for a crafty little 'Sikh' like Colin:
'k, enough of playing 'crafty Sikh':
Here's an empty plate of the best that Dushmesh has to offer:
Seriously good Northern / Eastern / Central / Western / Southern Indian cuisine.
Paul and whoosis: (k - we spent 4th of July breakfast at his house - I just have a bad memory):
Dave Benz is way too sexy for his wine:
Joe and Barbi - explaining the proper way to enjoy Indian:
"Give Joe anything above a '3', and give Barbi anything less than a zero."
Below - Cheryl likes to show off her scarf collection, while some kind of Indian dessert waits:
Original smile, before being informed it ain't quite enough:
Second smile - after giving it the proper, "c'mon, your little sister is turning 31 today, don't you want her to be happy?", try.
Frau Rockenfelder:
Gregg - after a long bout of playing with Herr Colin:
Mollie - before we left. The rest of the crowd went out for a night on the town before departing for Nashville to visit Zapanti:
Emily and Colin - celebrating the occasion:
Gregg and Colin - the best picture of the night. Colin's joy is matched by Gregg's willingness to make the boy smile:
Gregg finally settling on the best place for a small child. (That or providing Mommy and Daddy with a helluva service)
"Yup, that diaper's ready fer changin' "
Second best picture of the night:

More to come - the Mary Ann 40th birthday extravaganza shots are coming . . . soon . . .

D-town Fall Beerfest '09

Several weeks back, Frey called - said, "We're going to Dayton Alefest - it'll be great."

So we all went to Dayton Alefest. It was a celebration of international, national, regional and local microbrews.

In other words, about half of it was beer that was drinkable, 25% was some kind of liquid that was filtered through a sock worn on the set of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", and the rest were brews that required you to kill a hop plant on your own.

OK, seriously - it was 90% good - some of it was EXTREMELY good (Imperial Tiger). Colin came along for the ride, because what says "Family Outing" like acres of beer and Daddy with a perpetually empty glass?
That was a plane in his hand. Cessna, I believe.
We told him it was "Sesame Street Plays Lacrosse!" to get him to come. He was nonplussed:
Extreme playing:
One person vaguely in this picture enjoyed the Alefest, one was waiting for "Sesame Street Plays Lacrosse!"
Even a nice dog and fries didn't cover for those shiftless Muppets opting to leave acres of beer instead of a great performance.
Donna Jean had a good time. Apparently they didn't have the Muppets in Poland, OH; only acres of beer.
"I'm sorry son, the Muppets couldn't make it; instead, they sent beer. Lots of beer."
And then there's this guy:
BTW, here's everybody's '09 Christmas card:

"Smack Dab in the Middle", as Count Basie and Joe Williams would say . . .