Sunday, April 22, 2007

Baby Shower & Thank You!

Yesterday was the baby shower, and everything came off wonderfully. Thank you all for everything that you did - we really appreciate it! After the girls had the shower, we had a blowout back at the house where much fun was had, and as usual, too much booze was consumed.

This gift below was from Nicole - it is just the kewlest! It will be Colin's night light.
Below are a few shots of the torture we forced Stacey to endure. Stacy is our Trini friend, and her husband Eric is from Sweden. I made her wear the Swedish national hockey jersey out of spite. She contents that test cricket is a better game than hockey. Clearly, dem Trini's is crazy.

Room, Almost Done

The bulk of the furniture arrived on Friday, the day before the baby shower. Apparently, Canuckistan is not only far away, but embroiled in some kind of trucking strike. BUT, at least it got here. 'Cept for the top of the hutch, which won't be here for another two weeks. After that, we're officially done, all we'll need is the boy.

By the way, YES, the Brutus mobile plays "Across the Field".
Below is "Mr. Toad's Wild Concussion Machine", a gift from Eric & Stacey. Mary put it together with a butter knife last night, long after most folks here were in no condition to help her. Apparently, it gently rocks the baby back and forth, and then violently catapults it head-first into the wall. Nice.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Painting: Done

We are finally finished with the painting. Mollie was kind enough to come over yesterday and help me with the last stage. She also did all of the touch-up. I managed to screw up the new closet door - it's about 1/8" too wide for the door frame, so I'm having fun with a chisel and sander trying to get it finished for the shower next weekend.

So, the finished product looks good. Not perfect, but good. Here you go:

Don't know if I've mentioned it yet, but the closet doors are all red, and here's an idea of how they look with the grey walls (as well as a new OSU rug):

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Painting Part Deux

So the playoffs are here, finally. And we have all this painting nonsense to do. Naturally. Anyway, so I do the painting you see in this post, get done about 10ish, and flip on the Stars / Canucks game. Long story short, the game went to four overtimes, and was finished at 3:30AM. By the time it was 2AM, I figured, "hell, I've committed this much, gotta see how this damn thing ends." On top of that, the roller I used last night was a bit too rough, and Kasi and I had to go back over it again tonight - meaning not only more work, but more importantly, MORE MISSED PLAYOFF HOCKEY. This job is becoming too much. I quit.

Here are the thrilling pictures from last night.

STOOPID ROUGH ROLLER. Damn thing was the perfect size for the task at hand too.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Painting Part One

We've begun the long painful process of painting the boy's room. One of us had the bright idea to paint a helmet stripe all the way around the room, not counting on the level of effort required to make said stripe happen. Needless to say, it's been quite a bit of effort, and I've only got the black stripes up there now.
These (above and below) show the "Official Ohio State Grey" we used for the walls.
Here are the pencil lines for the stripes. Took me over three hours just to get these things up:
Then I had to lay out the tape for each of the lines:
Next, Kasi helped me paint the black stripes with tiny little rollers:
Remove the tape, and we have the first set of stripes:
Tonight, it's off to tape the Red stripe down the middle. More to come, fer sure . . .